Giselle Manzano Ramírez – Artist Research

Ramírez is an American graphic designer who has created various poly art pieces alongside logo design and photography work. I found Ramírez through ‘Behance’ during the summer break, whilst looking for examples of low poly art.

Ramírez does a combination of low poly and high poly. from trying to minimalise detail in as few polygonal shapes to then using as many polygonal shapes to convey tone and shape. Both her low poly and high poly works are to a professional standard that show her understanding of both her subject and the programs that she uses to create the pieces of work.  I will leave some examples of both low poly and high poly that she has created.

Mediums and Materials

Giselle Manzano Ramírez uses a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop, like many other poly artists. From the look of her work, Ramírez will use import and image into Illustrator and create a mesh out of polygonal using the pen tool. After finishing the mesh she will import the mesh over to Photoshop and colour each poly shape using the gradient tool or keep it in Illustrator and colour each poly shape there.


Ramírez creates some amazing and really makes me think how far poly art can be pushed in terms of style and poly count per image. Out of all her work I love her high poly work, due to the amount of detail captured in one image.


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